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Are you looking to protect your invention with a patent?

With over 25 years of experience in protecting patents, Fry Heath & Spence have firmly established themselves at the forefront of this sector. We’re able to break down the complexity and provide you with a clear understanding in layman’s terms of how we can help you.


  • Preparation of patent specifications in all technical disciplines.
  • Personal representation of clients before the UK and European Patent Offices.
  • Ability to instruct attorneys to represent our clients before other Patent Offices around the world.
  • Pursuing patent applications to grant through the Examining Divisions of the UK and European Patent Offices.
  • Filing and defending oppositions to European patents and revocation or invalidity actions before the UK Patent Office and courts.
  • Advocacy at oral proceedings before the UK and European Patent Offices.
  • Enforcement of patents against infringers and defence of clients against allegations of infringement.

What is a patent?

A patent is a legal monopoly right granted by a Patent Office in return for the public disclosure of information about an invention. Patents are granted for the functional and technical aspects of products and processes and specific conditions must be fulfilled. The technology doesn’t necessarily have to be complex; most patents are not for revolutionary leaps of technology but for incremental improvements.

The monopoly rights granted by patents allow their owners to recoup their investment in research and development before others can enter the market.

In view of the complex nature of preparing, filing and prosecuting a patent application, it is important to seek professional advice from a Patent Attorney. If the application is not prepared correctly this could affect the protection provided.

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